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Waiting for the bus in Kyoto Japan

Monday, May 11, 2009 / Posted by Zackary /

Most of the bus stops I waited at in Kyoto were small and quiet. This was downtown at rush hour so there were tons of people. In this picture it looks chaotic with people everywhere. Closer to the bus stop there were orderly lines maintained by a city worker. Buses in Japan are usually on-time unlike in the West.

When they are waiting at a light or a stop for very long the drivers turn the buses off. At bus stops they stop quickly and soon take off again. I have never seen a bus driver talking on a cellphone. Bus drivers are serious professionals and hate being late. The only serious delay I experienced was during a major rain storm. I got a note from the driver explaining why I was running late. Actually I pointed at my watch and the driver gave me a note in Japanese. When I got to school I gave it to the principal who nodded and didn't seem upset that I was half an hour late.




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