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Tuesday, November 25, 2008 / Posted by Zackary /

My updated list of websites includes more Japanese newspapers, some guides to Japan and the best place to get meat. Hopefully some of you will find these links useful or fun.

I also added U2’s webpage. U2 has spent serious money to create an amazing site. From lyrics (all of them) to interviews to video to merchandise to U2 news it has everything a fan could want. Well, except for a copy of the new album and a chance to tour with the band. And a weeks stay at the new hotel they re-modeled in Dublin. Wow, is that a sweet place.

I fixed the time/date stamp so most of you will be reading the future. I would tell you stock quotes but they change (and so do the rules) every second now. My recommendation is to hide your money under the mattress. You laugh but Citigroup just got another enormous grant from the government.
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