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Wednesday, September 24, 2008 / Posted by Zackary /


(Using U and 4 were made popular by the rock artist Prince.)

I say hello in so many silly ways 4 the kids so it’s hard to say normally. Mostly I stretch the word & use a sing song voice. The same is true 4 “How are U?” I called my friend Ron in the States & his sister answered. I said, “How are U” in a silly voice. I felt bad because it sounded like I was making fun of her. I explained saying it to the kids & being the strange guy that I am she accepted it. As many of U know my voice is not always um normal. The kids enjoy the silly sounds I make.

I am happy my computer is working. I don’t have a TV at home. I want a TV but am buying other things. After a long day I came home & looked at myself & thought wow this is exciting. I don’t mind talking to myself but I do hate losing so many arguments. I once wrote a short story about two people that hate each other but their imaginary friends are in love.

I am an advanced Word user & have mastered many copiers over the years. (I once got paid $21 an hour 4 3 days to make copies. There was even overtime.) In Japan I must ask to make a simple table. The copiers are a mystery. Pushing copy usually involves flashing red lights & an unpleasant noise. Last week a teacher helped me make double sided copies by pushing buttons on a dizzying array of menus. She gave me a nice smile as if to say, “I am sure U will have no problem next time.” Wanting to print this out I thought using the printer next to be was logical. Unable to find it on the list I used the default setting an NEC 781BE7. I know how NEC printers look. So far I have discovered nine non-NEC copiers. I have taught many people to access & change their printer settings but here I can’t read anything. I asked a Japanese teacher running by but he didn’t pause. Yes, the teachers & staff are always running (well, walking very fast) somewhere important. If they have too much to do or are simply lazy I have no idea.

My father likes to say he would rather be lucky then good any day. In Japan I can only agree with that. I have to admit some of my best pictures are lucky accidents. Take 200 pictures in a small area & U are bound to get lucky at least once.

U might ask yourself, “Z how much free time do U have?” I use the computer at work, keep my email up at home, go to Internet cafes (hey they're comfy & have free coffee & soda) & use the Internet on my phone. The chances are good that I might be the most accessible person U know. I consider roughing it to be no cell signal or latte. .

If U have any comments, questions or such about Japan or whatever please email me.

Take good care.




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