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Good Day Sunshine....

Friday, September 26, 2008 / Posted by Zackary /

I actually had to work today teaching two classes and grading a ton of papers. Some of my classes have 40 students so it takes a long time. The school lunch was better than yesterday which was relief. What did I have for lunch? The main course was roman noodles in a decent sized bowl with vegetables and some kind of fish. Some people drank the last of the soup and some don't. Either I have discovered is okay. I choose to drink the rest of the decent soup although the students I was setting with did not. Sides included a small bowl of rice, salad with tuna, a fish with almonds on top, and a fruit of some kind. Sorry, I don't spend much time thinking about food. Whatever they serve me at school is what I eat and I try not to think about it. Japanese food is let us say not exactly my favorite thing.

I am meeting a Japanese friend for dinner today. I usually let my Japanese friends pick the restaurant and order for me. Reading the menu is impossible and I feel bad when they translate the whole menu. Besides I like other people ordering for me sometimes. When I was in Chicago I met my friend Ron at our favorite Mexican place. Ron was there when I set down at the table. We talked some and I did not see a waiter. Interrupting Ron I said, "Did you order for me?" Ron gave me an easy smile and said, "I ordered something that looked good." Smiling back we continued talking until our meals arrived. Ron was right, it was good.

Writing this is tons of fun but I need to get ready to go. Pleases forgiveies any mmistakes I don't have timee toes goes backs and proofreadies. (Yes that was a joke.)

I am happy to take requests so let me know what you would like to read about.

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