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Ode to My Alarm Clock

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 / Posted by Zackary /

My phone makes a variety of noises but none of them wake me up anymore. I got this retro looking alarm clock last year and liked it. The number are a nice bright blue and at night they glow. When you plug the alarm clock in it all lights up blue kind of like a night light. Sadly, one morning I must have done something to it because the pin that controls the time in the back came out. I returned it to the right position but it started losing time even more than I do! What is funny is at a local store (Bic Camera) they sell an alarm clock that is reinforced and can survive being bounced off the floor. The sales guy said they sell a ton of them to people visiting from India. He didn't know why either! Too bad it only makes the traditional alarm clock beeping sound.



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