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Gaijin Part II

Wednesday, March 04, 2009 / Posted by Zackary /

Being a foreigner in Japan there are three main experiences you have with Japanese people.

(1) Nada. People look at you and have no change in expression; they are just looking around and happened to glance your way.

(2) Happy. This group is by far in the majority. Many Japanese people and especially the youth have a fascination with Western culture, style and music. A lot of people are thrilled to talk English with a native speaker. I get asked where I am from all the time and am people are curious about America. Everyone seems to know the phrase, “Yes, we can.”

People used to stare at me and I wasn’t sure why until I realized they wanted to see my blue eyes. Japan is a wonderful place to have blue eyes! Most of my experience has been with this group and it is a great ego boast! In addition to my eyes they seem to love my curly hair (I want straight hair) and the natural brownish color. I don’t think anyone in America ever told me my hair color was beautiful. Or that the way I speak English has a nice flow. Being special just for being myself is nice.



Comment by Belle Chen on March 19, 2009 at 2:08 PM

Re: Gaijin Part III

I'm an Asian so I can understand both side. If I were you, I will just try to follow the Japanese culture as much as I can (when I'm in front of them) and be myself when I'm in front of the younger folks. You'll greatly surprise the old conservative people and gain their respect that way. You can even be their only most favorite "Gaijin" in their life!! Benefit? You will get to understand their insights and traditional culture by being friend with them.

Your experience as a Caucasian in Asian country is interesting :-)

P.S. I would love to see more pictures of the people and their lifestyles

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