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Etiquette for Eating Sushi

Sunday, January 18, 2009 / Posted by Zackary /

After answering the question about tableware Shannon Lynch from Twitter asked me about proper manners for eating sushi.

As I said recently do not ever each sushi with a fork. Shannon asked if you should always eat a piece of sushi in one bite. Many people do this and it is the easiest way. If you have more control with chopsticks you can eat half and then the other half. If you drop half of the piece it does make you look silly but being Japan no one laughs or stares. Asking for a knife to cut the pieces in half is not a good idea either. Generally the pieces are a decent size so that you can eat it all in one bite. Like in American they also have a container for soy sauce.

If you have small rolls you should eat them with chopsticks. If you have the longer wrapped rolls you can pick these up with your hands and eat them. You will not find California rolls and if you ask Japanese people about them they will smile or maybe laugh.

Speaking of eating with your hands there is a different sushi experience all together. In very expensive places in Tokyo where they have the Best sushi available you eat everything with your hands. At those prices you should be able to do anything you want!

In general sushi in Japan is cheaper then in America and everything is fresh. There are many more types of sushi and the chefs are masters of their realm so treat them with extra respect. If you ask they will make alterations. Wabsabi makes me sick so I always ask for it to be removed.




Comment by Wellville on January 18, 2009 at 8:25 AM

Thank you for the answer. It's so interesting to read about the culture there. Now, when you get a chance, I would love to hear about alcohol there. Do they prefer Sake? Or do they like some other type of alcohol? I know of several Japanese beers, but I am sure there is more to chose from there.

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