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Personal Note - 2 a.m. in Tokyo

Tuesday, January 06, 2009 / Posted by Zackary /

After spending four hours talking with the police about my stolen items I was dazed. At least the girl that finally translated and wrote the report was cute. They stressed that I needed a report number to follow up and for insurance purposes. The only insurance I had was on the phone but it doesn't get me a new phone. When I got my special number it was #8. n my semi-conscious state I thought it was pretty funny. I expected it to be like 1q59439204HYT or something. As the girl was sweet and I had no urge to offend the police I kept my amusement to myself.

A half block from the station was the Love sculpture that is a few posts below. Wondering around as my fingers started to tingle from the cold there weren't many streets lights I decided to give my overly enthusiastic flash some time to shine. Trying to take the trees with the flash was somewhat boring at this particular area. For some reason I am fascinated with getting the trees and the buildings together. Maybe this is because I took some pictures that way in Nagoya and thought they were cool. Everyday taking pictures I am looking for something cool. Given the number of pictures I take most people could get a good classic shot. I want more. Always more. So if you ever run into me taking pictures the chances are good I will be muttering to myself and spinning my camera. Probably singing too but hopefully you won't have to hear that! Can someone please get Elton John singing about Daniel out of my head please?

Anyway, I was singing about Daniel and leaning my head all the way back into a bush as I took pictures of this building through the tree. I took a great deal of these types of pictures and most of them were crap. It was not a big surprise that my little flash did not light up a skyscraper. For my purposes I was happy that it lighted up the tree enough that you could still see some of the building. Yes, I did have to cheat a bit and touch up the lighting a bit. That is why you get that annoying green tint. So I won't win any contests with this picture. I like it and I wanted to share it with you my loyal followers. And no, I don't want to spin it around! My neck paid the price for me to get this picture exactly the way I wanted it.

After this picture I realized having my hair deep in the bushes while my fingers were freezing was not the best idea. So I found a pleasant Internet cafe with free DVD's and watched a movie.

Peace to all,
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