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A Happy Writer

Thursday, October 16, 2008 / Posted by Zackary /

A writer without an audience is an unhappy writer. Please let me know if you are reading my entries. I do know my parents are reading it which I appreciate.

The more comments I get the more blog entries you will see.

Yeah, I am in a bad mood today. At least we have had two days without rain! And I have a 3 day weekend which is a beautiful thing.

Take care out there and as Dan Rather used to say every night: Courage.

I guess people made fun of him so he stopped saying that. I thought after an hour of nightly news that saying courage was a great idea. We all need courage to get through the financial crisis which is ever ongoing. I hope none of you out there are losing horrific amounts in the stock market.

Peace & Love



Anonymous on November 9, 2008 at 8:30 AM

Hello Zackary,

Where oh where are your apt pics my friend? Your USA friends/family have been impatiently waiting the viewing. Seriously, I'm more than a little curious what an apt in Nagoya, Japan looks like. Never having lived outside the USA, I'm not sure foreign hotel rooms are a fair representative of outside the US abodes.
Chicago already shed its natural and architectural beauty to allow the ever obnoxious Christmas decor to plague what appears to be the entire planet. The retailers are scared ****less about a cease in consumer spending, so the stores are laying it on thick. Please write to us. Debbie

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