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Personal Note - New Camera

Saturday, January 03, 2009 / Posted by Zackary /

Welcome back!
As I mentioned in my post "A Sad Story," my camera was stolen. My parents like everyone else thought this was terrible. They insisted on buying me a new camera so I went out and did that. When I am awake again I will write about the experience of replacing my camera as it makes for a fun story. Just thought everyone would like to know I am able to continue my primary mission here in Tokyo to take lots of pictures.
When I get home I will run my videos through my magic processor and put new stuff to YouTube so look for that.
Please feel free to comment on any of my pictures even if you don't like them. I am happy to accept things like, "Zack what were you thinking?!" Or "That picture doesn't work at all." Any suggestions are welcome to like, "Hey Zack, that almost works but next time try a so and so angle." Or even, "Now that is a good picture."



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